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Photojournalists risk it all, whether at home or away

admin : May 19, 2014 3:11 am : Uncategorized


Having known several photojournalists who “specialized” in war-zone reporting, it is easy to think that since they returned, the job must be exciting, exhilarating and pretty safe – on the sidelines. Yes, and then again, no. To be on the leading edge of news and not only witness and record but to have some pride in being able to inform the world offers an adrenalin surge that no one can appreciate who hasn’t been there. As one friend put it, “it is narcotic.” But the flip side is that these individuals are generally in place because they believe that the story must be shown, not merely reported.

Several days ago a young woman lost her life in the effort to shed light on issues in a country far away from her native France, and was killed in the effort. In searching her images, there will be no doubt that they were effectively and dramatically telling a story that needed to be seen to be understood. Her images will live on and her memory will be honored as someone unafraid to do what needed to be done. Camille LePage will be remembered. - (read more here)

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Once in a while we get to hear a real ground breaker, trail cutter and pioneer. Just once in a while. And it is interesting that those who come under that category are usually overly energetic, bright-eyed and excited about their projects. Jon Zack is one of those. Pioneering a new way to manage Social Media Marketing in a very civil manner. It was a pleasure to hear and participate in the presentation of new social media outreach,  back and forth questions. It is just astounding that while some of us have a handle on a corner of the media, there is so, so, so much more coming at us on a moment by moment basis.  Clearly Jon is a forward thinker, a funny and approachable man with a gleam for all things social and digital.  Watch for the name of his company to become a huge player. Want to connect? You can find him anywhere online you search, a totally well-connected guy who prefers LinkedIn most, for now.                                                                       And apparently he really likes cookies!

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admin : December 2, 2013 10:24 pm : Uncategorized

In the past several weeks a couple of my clients have asked me how necessary the use of social media is to their marketing or advertising campaigns. It’s a fair question.

I like analogies to explain the more interesting concepts of working on the web so here it is. 

If you must go to the grocery store to purchase an item that you have never bought before, generally you can walk right to it because you have passed it on so many previous visits. You will automatically know where to locate what you are looking for.

The same with people, businesses and products that are continually yet half-consciously viewed via social media. Until you actually want or need to find the person or thing, and then you go right to it because you are programmed to know where to look.

Thanks to Buddy Media /Luma Partners for the terrific chart.

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The Art of Persuasion

admin : August 2, 2013 2:34 am : Uncategorized

Great explanation of advertising.

If you want to build a ship,
then do not call the people together
to collect wood and do not assign tasks
and divide the work, but rather teach them to
long for the big, wide sea.
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

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Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

admin : May 11, 2013 3:05 am : Uncategorized

ALOT ~ a Blog Article by Allie Brosh

About a year ago I was introduced to the brilliance of modern blog philosopher Allie Brosh. Her articles and drawings on her Hyperbole and a Half.blogspot are high-art, insightful observations on life, pets, people and the human condition. A comic book for adults. The little dog stories usually have me dribbling my milk.

And she covers serious issues. In an unforgettable, first-person account of depression she describes the vast alone-NESS of someone in the gray cloud. For those interested in depression, yes, there are those out there, Allie has written an extremely moving diary of her own battles with the monster.

However, while my favorites are her little dog stories, I found that I was gagging with laughter when I read her ALOT. She really brought home the common mistake so many make, myself included. 

There are so many posting that it would be hard to choose the ultimate sample but I particularly enjoyed this presentation of her work and want to pass it on.

She reminds me a bit of Carlin with a crayon. A witty-smart artist who will put your senses through every emotion while drawing a cool story out of the stuff of an everyday. 

Here is Allie – I hope you like her ALOT.

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admin : May 9, 2013 11:30 pm : Uncategorized

Perkasie PC owner, Jim Perucci

Working day in and day out on a computer is neat until it won’t boot, or it eats the DVD, or it simply goes haywire.
The sounds that have come from my computer have been more terrifying that any Hitchcock movie – at least to me.

One of the most horrifying things I do occasionally is to surrender my MAC for repairs.
Great MAC people seem few and far between. And trusting my baby to anyone gives me the shivers.

But up in Perkasie is a fellow who not only speaks MAC but handles them with the most gentle of hands.

Believe me, standing there watching him take my computer apart was fascinating to me if a little nerve wracking.
Tiny screws littered the work surface and parts and pieces came off so quickly that I realized that Jim’s fingers
are as nimble as any magicians.

Jim Perucci is really a PC guy as the business title suggests, Perkasie PC, but he has a love of these
APPLE products and does a terrific job of repairing and refurbishing gently used machines for his many fans.
Smashed the touch pad? Jim can handle that too.

On top of that, as the photo shows, he knows how to build super-cooled mega computer towers for the PC aficionado
with brightly flashing colored lights worthy of any respectable UFO.

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Bill Gates ~ Good Advice

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Gates has a point....


An interesting way to look at things. 

Here is another quote on lazy people.

” I’m lazy. But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things.”  Lech Walesa

I think I’d like a day or two to practice lazy. 

If for no other reason than to see what happens.

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admin : February 2, 2013 10:28 pm : Uncategorized

Hiding in plain sight is an amazing jeweled resource.  So Sweet fine jewelry and gifts is located in the corner of the Center Square Plaza. And the real jewel in the box is Proprietor Rosemary Camponovo.  Rosemary is a connoisseur of beautiful jewelry and gifts for clients with grace and aplomb. Rosemary’s taste is impeccable and her knowledge of gems, both precious and semi-precious comes after years of association with J. E. Caldwell Jewelers. Rosemary was the youngest manager at the old Philadelphia icon prior to their unfortunate purchase.

What sets So Sweet apart?  They carry affordable finery for all styles, ages and occasions. The latest trends to the classics, fine and delicate to bold and brazen. If you are unsure of what is needed, Rosemary will lend errorless guidance. 

And who has too much jewelry? Or is tired of old styles, or who hasn’t collected a box full of broken clasps or single earrings?  Honestly. So Sweet can repair your favorites, reset your stones or recycle your precious gold. 
And of course, refill the drawer.

What a treasure…..and it does all sparkle.


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admin : August 22, 2012 7:24 pm : Uncategorized


Imagine the joy of running along the muddy banks of a cool lake, taking off with a giant leap, and letting the cool water soothe the 90 degree heat of an August day. Imagine you also have a permanent fur coat, 4 fuzzy feet, a lolling tongue and a smile to melt a heart. These are very happy clients!

This is the image that we found when we visited Paws-itively Healty Canine Retreat in Telford, PA. Happy dogs, playing and cavorting about a beautiful lake complete with quality pet minders and a very capable security fence. Grooming and training are a positive offering as well.

Jill Stouffer, is a Managing Partner and oversees the day-to-day operations, as well as their in-home dog walking and sitting services. Shaun Froshour, is also a Managing Partner and Canine Behavioral Specialist, who has trained his own 3 dogs for over 10 years in search and rescue.  Jill and Shaun are both involved with the Seeing Eye Dog program.

Ranae and I almost couldn’t escape the idyllic scene of the romping and frolicking herd of happy animals.  Needless to say that on my return home, I had to shower quickly so that my 5 dogs would not know I was out playing with another pack.  As Jill likes to say, “she is canine-consumed.” So are we.

What a wonderful service and location, and a very different business to review.

P.O. BOX 355
TELFORD, PA. 18965
P: 267-362-WAGS
F: 267-382-0619

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Visiting Biz NESS* TODAY – Vintage Vinyl Journals

admin : August 16, 2012 1:59 am : Uncategorized


Visiting with Katie Pietrak is like getting caught in a whirlwind of retro realism. The owner of Vintage Vinyl Journals is a renaissance woman, with interests, talents and expertise that encompasses history, ecology of recycling, and apiary arts (bee keeping). Katie and her Dad, Tony recently launched, an enterprise that they enjoy in their spare time. Although where they find spare time is a mystery. Tony is hand building the new family home, and Katie is racing to keep even with her large inventory of journals.

Back to the Vintage Vinyl Journals Biz NESS. Katie is so proud of the green-ness of Vintage Vinyl Journals, the old favorite LPs are laser cut and hand polished, with fine acid free paper inserted, while the album cover is cut precisely to capture the spirit of the artist and intrigue the recipient.

If you are a Carly, Janis, Jimmy or Bing fan, or love 70’s folk rock, Katie has a stash of journals to meet the desire of every music lover. She will even custom make journals using current musicians and bands as promotional tools. They are amazing in person, a touch of classic and blend of nostalgia.

Journaling goes back through the ages, for diarists, musicians, creatives of every school, and whether the journal is a personal purchase or a gift, each one is hand built, finished and packaged.

VVJ is attending the Philadelphia Folksong Society Festival this year as just one of their craft and trade show events. The preparation for this type of event spans so much more than making sure the product is ready.  Starting with 300 journals, with the ability to replace those daily for the duration of the show, the necessary staging, lights, tents, tables and displays are worthy of a team of roadies.

Vintage Vinyl Journals are featured both online and in select retail shops, she wouldn’t mind a few more contacts.

Vintage Vinyl Journals can be followed at:  or

 *Ness – meaning essence from You, Me and Dupree

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