Quotes and small things that amuse me are sometimes worth sharing. A friend Tara Colquitt posted the quote seen here. Seems a good place to start the weekend….

Two other things that caught my eye this week, first from Twitter, was a post by Rupert Murdoch describing himself as a “digital immigrant” in comparison to the younger generations who grew up with the web. It is hard to believe but there are so many Americans who are still digitally challenged, and or totally without.

The other term I found (was actually sent to my by the service urban DICTIONARY).   “DROP THE PIN!” Which means use a digital app to let everyone know where you are, or where you are going to be.  I don’t know that I’m crazy about all this tracking activity – as a kid, if I was out of ear shot that was by choice. But some folks are really enjoying “checking in.”

Heading out last night to meet a girlfriend for a drink, I entered the pub and when I didn’t see her I phoned her cell. It went unheard and I had to find her the old fashioned way.  Look for the spot that is the loudest with laughter!! Thanks Deb!!

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  1. Debbie says:

    The laughter is due to having the best friends anyone could ask for. Thank you, Vic, for being a very special friend. I cherish you.

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