Photojournalists risk it all, whether at home or away


Having known several photojournalists who “specialized” in war-zone reporting, it is easy to think that since they returned, the job must be exciting, exhilarating and pretty safe – on the sidelines. Yes, and then again, no. To be on the leading edge of news and not only witness and record but to have some pride in being able to inform the world offers an adrenalin surge that no one can appreciate who hasn’t been there. As one friend put it, “it is narcotic.” But the flip side is that these individuals are generally in place because they believe that the story must be shown, not merely reported.

Several days ago a young woman lost her life in the effort to shed light on issues in a country far away from her native France, and was killed in the effort. In searching her images, there will be no doubt that they were effectively and dramatically telling a story that needed to be seen to be understood. Her images will live on and her memory will be honored as someone unafraid to do what needed to be done. Camille LePage will be remembered. - (read more here)