Once in a while we get to hear a real ground breaker, trail cutter and pioneer. Just once in a while. And it is interesting that those who come under that category are usually overly energetic, bright-eyed and excited about their projects. Jon Zack is one of those. Pioneering a new way to manage Social Media Marketing in a very civil manner. It was a pleasure to hear and participate in the presentation of new social media outreach,  back and forth questions. It is just astounding that while some of us have a handle on a corner of the media, there is so, so, so much more coming at us on a moment by moment basis.  Clearly Jon is a forward thinker, a funny and approachable man with a gleam for all things social and digital.  Watch for the name of his company to become a huge player. Want to connect? You can find him anywhere online you search, a totally well-connected guy who prefers LinkedIn most, for now.                                                                       And apparently he really likes cookies!