Perkasie PC owner, Jim Perucci

Working day in and day out on a computer is neat until it won’t boot, or it eats the DVD, or it simply goes haywire.
The sounds that have come from my computer have been more terrifying that any Hitchcock movie – at least to me.

One of the most horrifying things I do occasionally is to surrender my MAC for repairs.
Great MAC people seem few and far between. And trusting my baby to anyone gives me the shivers.

But up in Perkasie is a fellow who not only speaks MAC but handles them with the most gentle of hands.

Believe me, standing there watching him take my computer apart was fascinating to me if a little nerve wracking.
Tiny screws littered the work surface and parts and pieces came off so quickly that I realized that Jim’s fingers
are as nimble as any magicians.

Jim Perucci is really a PC guy as the business title suggests, Perkasie PC, but he has a love of these
APPLE products and does a terrific job of repairing and refurbishing gently used machines for his many fans.
Smashed the touch pad? Jim can handle that too.

On top of that, as the photo shows, he knows how to build super-cooled mega computer towers for the PC aficionado
with brightly flashing colored lights worthy of any respectable UFO.