Visiting Biz NESS* TODAY – Nutmeg Designs


Several weeks ago, Ranae Gable of In Touch Marketing Concepts, Ltd. and I decided to start a practice of visiting one local business of interest to explore to character and needs of smaller entrepreneurial firms, to test the needs of marketing and advertising in the current economical climate.

This exploration is gut-level and totally non-scientific, we are exploring by instinct, and plain curiosity. It has been a warm-hearted exchange of ideas and inspirations.

Our first “Official” visit was to the studio of Margaret Almon of Nutmeg Designs of Lansdale.  Margaret and her husband, Wayne Stratz are mosaic glass artists who create designs, that “Catch the Eye and Delight the Soul.”  

The challenges that face craft-based artists are extreme in a financial climate where the purchases of luxury items including artwork have become scarce. The cost of promotion, display, warehousing, packaging and shipping added to the rising costs of fine materials is a universal challenge faced by artists all over. 

We learned that craft shows are still the major outlet followed by online sales and word-of-mouth recommendations from admirers. There is much to be admired and marveled over, Celtic Crosses and Rainbows at Nutmeg Designs.

Margaret and Wayne can be followed at:   https://www.facebook.com/nutmegdesigns

 *Ness – meaning essence from You, Me and Dupree

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  1. Margaret Almon says:

    I just found this post through my google alerts! It was a pleasure to have you and Ranae over to visit the studio.

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